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Tragic day for St. Louis

Dear Washington University students, faculty and staff,

I’m horrified and saddened about the unthinkable tragedy that occurred this morning at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis.  The senseless loss of life at a place where students and educators should feel safe is difficult to comprehend, and yet all too familiar.  School shootings have become so commonplace in our country that they often barely register a news headline anymore.  But this one, happening here in our St. Louis community, has hit home for us.

We know there are members of the university community with direct ties to the school who are impacted by this horrible event, and we stand at the ready to offer our full support to anyone who is personally affected.  We also stand in solidarity with the entire St. Louis community as we all process this terrible incident and grieve those we’ve lost.  Please consider utilizing university resources for students (Danforth Campus and Medical Campus) and employees if you are struggling.

As both a parent and as a member of the St. Louis community, I’m shaken.  There is no place for gun violence in our schools.  My heart is with everyone who is suffering today. 


Andrew D. Martin