Andrew D. Martin is Washington University’s 15th chancellor. At his inauguration in 2019, he cast a vision for elevating WashU’s academic distinction, providing broader access to WashU’s world-class educational experience, and deepening the university’s partnerships and impact in the St. Louis region.

Chancellor Martin’s State of the University address is available to view online.

Recent Updates

Free speech and responsibility

There’s no question that recent world events have tested the mettle of campus communities at colleges and universities across America.  WashU is no exception.  The terrorist attack of October 7 and the subsequent turmoil and loss of innocent lives in the aftermath have inflamed more than just the Middle East, including in close-knit communities like ours.  

Support for our community

Like all of you, I have been following the devastating events in Israel and Gaza since this weekend.  To say that this is a heart-wrenching tragedy is a gross understatement.  The violence perpetrated by Hamas against the Israeli people is beyond horrific; the terrorist acts we have been witnessing are nothing short of heinous.  The depravity and inhumanity are simply beyond comprehension.