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Statement on violence at U.S. Capitol

Democracy is the cornerstone of American society.  It is the most fundamental, consequential, and enduring principle of our nation’s history and identity.  The events taking place at the U.S. Capitol are unacceptable on every level and represent a threat to our nation. I am shaken and heartbroken. 

In politics, there will be disagreement.  But violence is never the answer.  There is no place in the United States for these acts of insurrection and mayhem, and we must stand together – as individuals and institutions – against the forces that seek to divide us.  I denounce the violence taking place in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere in the country and call on our elected leaders and every American to uphold our constitutional principles, honor the rule of law, and respect the truth.  What we are seeing today shall not define who we are as a nation.

Andrew D. Martin