Speeches & Commentary

Season’s Greetings

Dear Washington University community,

As many of our students, faculty, and staff begin their much-deserved winter breaks, I want to send season’s greetings and express my gratitude for all you’ve brought to our community this semester. You’ve studied and worked hard, and you’ve achieved much success, all while adjusting (again and again and again) to changing operations — an incredible feat!

I am so proud of how you care for one another, even while pursuing your own academic and professional goals. Washington University is special in this regard. Let’s continue to prioritize our community’s health and success in the new year.

A great number of you — staff, faculty, and students — continue to serve the university and the region on the front lines of the pandemic and will not get much of a break this winter. We are all grateful for how you care for others selflessly and even sacrificially. On behalf of all of you, and the many people in our community who are vulnerable or who care for someone at risk, I remind everyone to stay the course with mitigation efforts, even as we may grow weary of doing so.

To those serving, you have my utmost admiration and gratitude. I hope your break comes soon.

Whether you’re working or unplugging or a little of both, I wish you good cheer, peace, and joy in the coming weeks. I look forward to seeing you back safely on campus soon.