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Salary increases for 2021-22 fiscal year

Sunset behind Brookings Hall

Dear Washington University faculty and staff,

During the tumultuous past year, we all have faced many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As an institution, we have had to take some difficult steps to adjust our operations and academic programs to adapt to changing circumstances. Some of these changes have had a direct, personal impact on many of you, such as temporary delays and cuts to employee pay and benefits.

I am writing today to share the good news that, due to the hard work of our entire university community and our improved financial outlook, the Board of Trustees has given approval to resume our salary merit increase program for faculty and staff. We will begin moving forward with this process immediately, with increases going into effect on April 1 for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

This is a few months earlier than usual as we typically adjust salaries beginning on July 1 to align with the new fiscal year. I felt it was important to make this happen as soon as possible in an effort to replace some of what has been lost during the current year. For the same reason, I also asked for a larger pool of funds than has been available in recent years, and the Board has approved that request as well. Department managers will work through the process of determining percentage increases for individual employees.

We continue to stand strong as we enter a new calendar year and for that, the Board of Trustees and I extend our heartfelt gratitude and respect for the outstanding work that you have done throughout this time. We should all take pride in the work we have been able to carry out this year – together, we have taken important steps to keep our community safe and made significant contributions to the global response to the pandemic. I congratulate you on your successes and hard work, and thank you for your ongoing resilience and work in support of the university’s mission.